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Photography Scott Rylander


“The tangles of silks and muslin, the sheer luxury of lingerie and other accessories would give you goose pimples. I cannot even begin to describe them. It is a luxury which surpasses all one’s wildest dreams.”
Comte de Maugny Paris 1892

The exuberant Nell Gwyn (1650-1687), the beautiful and accomplished Elizabeth Armistead (1750-1842) and the outrageous Cora Pearl (1835-1886) are vividly brought to life by soprano Lizzie Byrne, Olivier Award nominee Paul Hegarty and pianist Stefano Curina in an evening of scandalous memoirs, letters and contemporary accounts, all interlaced with stunning music of each period.

From humble beginnings these three extraordinary women used their physical beauty, intelligence, wit and a highly developed knowledge of the sensual arts, to create lifestyles comparable with the aristocracy. A courtesan at the height of her powers had the best connected and richest men in society to choose from, and made that choice for her own pleasure, as well as her lover’s ability to keep her in the wildly extravagant style she quickly became accustomed to. Their sexual and spiritual freedom and jaw-dropping excess will leave you wanting to taste more of a world we can now only dream about.

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The Frozen Thames

“Then lay it by, that ages yet to come
May see what things upon the ice were done.”

Printed on the Frozen Thames c.1715

Salon Entertainment’s winter show is based on true stories of adventure and misadventure on the frozen Thames during a period known as the Little Ice Age.  The cast present four episodes from the history of the frozen river with traditional carols and festive music of each period; weaving into the evening magical tales of love, heroism, transformation and simple pleasures.

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Frozen Thames show - Lizzie BurnsFrozen Thames show - Lizzie BurnsFrozen Thames show - Lizzie BurnsFrozen Thames show - Lizzie BurnsFrozen Thames show - Lizzie Burns Photography Scott Rylander

This heart-warming entertainment is a festive show with a difference and suitable for the whole family. Just the thing to get you in the mood for Christmas!

Suitable for indoor and outdoor venues.

Frost Fair
Image reproduced by kind permission of London Metropolitan Archives



English Eccentrics

“I am not eccentric. It’s just that I am more alive than most people.”
Edith Sitwell

An evening of mayhem in the town and country with some gloriously eccentric characters from the ‘20s and ‘30s. From the Bohemian world of the Sitwells to the wildly theatrical and hedonistic lives of Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward, Salon Entertainment promise an evening of glamour, giggles and great numbers in this sparkling show.

Party with the Bright Young Things, and the older ones who should know better!

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English EccentricsEnglish EccentricsEnglish EccentricsEnglish Eccentrics Photography Caroline Lawrence


Cocktail Vignettes

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right."
Mark Twain

Going to the opera is a special experience. The magic of the theatre, the opulence of the sets and costumes, the brilliance of the orchestra, great singing, passion … convoluted stories, a glance of disdain when you clap in the wrong place, four hours with only one interval …..

Wait a minute!

What if you could experience all this in the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of cocktail hour? As you enter ‘the salon’ you will be presented with champagne or a cocktail of your choice and enjoy a 45-minute taster of what Salon Entertainment does best: Lavish period drama with the passion of live opera. Salon Entertainment can transport you to the glamour, luxury and romance of bygone eras with fabulous fun tales and glorious operatic music. You’ll love the intimacy of our compact performances. Laughing and clapping at any time encouraged wholeheartedly!

Suitable for cruises, hotel residencies or long parties!